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From How to figure out your home’s value

Ever curious how much your home is worth? Zillow, Redfin, and many other sites have an automated algorithm that may or may not be accurate. Here’s an article to give you a general idea on how an experienced REALTOR evaluates … Continue reading

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8 Frightening Things in Sellers’ Homes That Can Scare Buyers Silly

No matter how gorgeous your home is, it could contain an item or two that happens to scare the pants off anyone who walks through your door. That might not be a problem if you don’t like guests, but it could very well be … Continue reading

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Arizona Contracts – Buyer-Seller – The Process and Flowchart

Our clients often ask why does it takes so long for a buyer to close on the home and obtain a loan. The contract brings in many participants to successfully close a transaction. The REALTORS for the Buyer and Seller … Continue reading

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5 (Totally Legal) Tricks to Boost Your Credit Score Fast

So, you’ve decided next year is the year you’re finally going to buy a house. Congrats! But now you’re a little panicked because your credit score isn’t exactly going to make lenders swoon. You’re not alone. The national average credit score is 695, while only half … Continue reading

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Tour de Force: Don’t Make These 10 Huge House-Hunting Mistakes

You’ve been thinking about settling down and buying a home for a while now, and you finally think you’re ready. It’s time to tour some digs! But hold up—you need a game plan. House hunting is about more than popping into a few … Continue reading

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When to adjust your Homeowner’s insurance

Here’s a great article from a fellow REALTOR: Homes often grow and change alongside the people living in them. If you’ve added expensive furnishings or made substantial upgrades, it’s important to re-evaluate your homeowners insurance and make sure your policy reflects those … Continue reading

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City of Maricopa Real Estate Sales for August & September 2017

Maricpa Real Estate Market Update for August & September Home Sales. Our city has had over 300 sales in the last two months. According to , our median, annual appreciation for the city of Maricopa is 9.1% Here is the complete … Continue reading

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