City of Maricopa Real Estate Market Update – September 2016

Our fall sales season is still going exceptionally strong. The average home sale is getting about 99% of their list price and our annual rate of appreciation is 7.8%.

As many of you who know me, in addition to being a Real Estate Broker, I come from an Accounting background. I love numbers. For me, I see them as telling a story. But for some of us, the general numbers don’t have a great deal of meaning unless they are “your” numbers. Honestly, you care about what your home is worth. How much is it appreciating each year? So here’s what I can offer you to understand how to get an idea how much your home is worth without asking a REALTOR (but, please always feel free to ask!)

*Only Sold homes determine the value of your home. Your neighbors home can listed for any amount and the home may or may not sell at that price.

*Two-story homes sell at a lower price per square foot than one-story homes. Reason being the construction costs are higher for a one-level home due to the foundation and roof top. There is also a higher buyer demand for one-level homes at this time as well.

*Smaller homes have higher price per square foot. As the home increases in size, the price per square foot decreases.

*The best comps to determine what you home is worth will be within one mile of your home and in the same subdivision. To pick comps, always try to choose homes that are close to the same size +/- 10% and have similar upgrades, lot features, etc.

Here’s a list of the 135 homes that sold last month in the City of Maricopa. Full List

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  1. Thanks Deb. Outstanding and extremely informative article. Thanks so much for sharing.

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