The Flip is a changin’

In addition to Aziz and myself helping others buy/sell residential real estate, we are investors. We have been landlords for 4+ years now and have flipped several homes (buy, remodel, and sell).

About a month ago, we started looking for a new property to flip and realized it’s time to buy a rental and hold it for 3+ years instead. The timing of this article couldn’t be better.

The Flip isn’t dead, it’s changing  The hold, accumulate, then flip approach disrupts investment market.

About Farhat and Associates Real Estate - Broker/Owners, EPro

Full-time REALTOR/Brokerage serving the Phoenix Valley since 2004 Professional - Our backgrounds were in Accounting, Property Management, and Technology fields. Both Aziz and I found our passion for real estate as we started in the industry as Investors. Since 2004, we have devoted ourselves to this business on a full-time basis and have sold 100s of homes for our clients. Certifications - Certified Residential Specialist (CRS), ePro, CDPE Personal - Our passions are our family, our furry child, outdoor activities, reading, photography, golfing, travel, and discovering new foods/restaurants.
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2 Responses to The Flip is a changin’

  1. You are so wise. Buy and Hold. I love your blog.

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