Top 5 Reasons to use a Local REALTOR

Maricopa is a bedroom community to the Phoenix Valley. Many agents come into our area with prospective buyers to show homes or to list our city’s homes for sale. Over the years, we’ve seen/heard many inaccuracies that agents tell their clients. The most recent one involved a home located on a golf course and overlooked a lake. The lake is OWNED by the golf course. The agent told her buyer they can take their boat out on the lake. NOPE!

Here’s the Top 5 Reasons to go with a REALTOR/Broker who works and lives in the city.

1. A local REALTOR knows the competition in your price range in your neighborhood – VERY well.

Ex. We’ve lived in Maricopa since 2003. In the community of Rancho El Dorado, there are 5 sub-markets. A home on Reis Drive has a higher market value than a home on Van Loo. An agent from outside the area would likely use these homes as comps, since they are within 1 mile of each other and would not adjust for the price variance.

2. Local agents are more readily available to do short notice home tours of active listings for interested buyers.

3. Local listing agents are quicker to respond in case buyer’s agents have problems while showing properties, and are readily available to answer questions or if the home requires any immediate attention.

Ex. The electronic lockbox isn’t working and the buyer’s agent can’t open the house.

Ex. If the home is vacant, a neighbor can call us to fix an issue going on at the home. (smoke alarm is going off, irrigation leaks, etc.)

4. Local REALTORS know what marketing will work best for buyers in your area.  Local agents become experts over time, and know what works and what doesn’t work.

5. Your local REALTOR knows all the great selling points in the area, such as Parks, Lakes, Fun Things to Do, Local Government, etc..


About Farhat and Associates Real Estate - Broker/Owners, EPro

Full-time REALTOR/Brokerage serving the Phoenix Valley since 2004 Professional - Our backgrounds were in Accounting, Property Management, and Technology fields. Both Aziz and I found our passion for real estate as we started in the industry as Investors. Since 2004, we have devoted ourselves to this business on a full-time basis and have sold 100s of homes for our clients. Certifications - Certified Residential Specialist (CRS), ePro, CDPE Personal - Our passions are our family, our furry child, outdoor activities, reading, photography, golfing, travel, and discovering new foods/restaurants.
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