6 Downsizing Mistakes Even Smart People Make

6 Downsizing Mistakes Even Smart People Make

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City of Maricopa Market Update & Sales Report for the month ending March 2018

Our city had 181 sales in the month of March. According to Cromfordreport.com , our median, annual appreciation for the city of Maricopa is 11.7%.

To see the most recent sales  in your neighborhood, click one of the links below.   (Note: These links expire on 5/13/18.)

Sold Homes in Acacia Crossing, Cobblestone Farms, Homestead, The Lakes, Province, Rancho El Dorado, and the Villages

Sold Homes in Alterra, Desert Cedars, Desert Passage (Smith Farms), Glennwilde, Meadows, Palo Brea, Rancho Mirage, Santa Rosa Springs, Senita, Sorrento, and Tortosa

Note: The subdivision is provided by the listing agent of each property.  (Some agents will enter the community name or parcel with the subdivision name). If you have a specific address, please contact me and I will gladly research it for you.

HOA-developments Maricopa City Map.jpg





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Getting started: Buying a home with down-payment assistance

Down payment assistance programs are made available to help responsible Arizona home buyers who struggle to save for a down payment buy a home with as little money out of pocket as possible.

For full details, check out ArizonaDownPaymentAssistance.com


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Buying a house:  Tools and resources for Home Buyers

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What’s the Ideal Debt-to-Income Ratio for Mortgages?

When buying your first home, we all know we need an acceptable credit score and some form of stable income, but then the Loan Officer starts talking about Debt-to-Income ratio? Here’s what it is and why it’s important to you to save money on your new home.

What’s the Ideal Debt-to-Income Ratio for Mortgages?


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Your Moving Checklist: Things to Do Before Moving Into a New Home | realtor.com®


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Need a little fun? Things to do in April

April Things To Do

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Top 5 ‘Hidden’ Factors That Influence Home Value

When you’re shopping for (or selling) a home, it’s normal to wonder why one home is priced five or six figures higher or lower than another home on the same block. Some factors that influence a home’s value are obvious, but what about some of those price-influencers that are a little less obvious and more difficult to measure? HouseCanary examined five “hidden” factors that can have an impact on home value:

  • View angle from backyard
  • Frontage length
  • Backyard exposure to neighbors
  • Privacy score
  • Backyard slope

Read the Article: Little-Known Factors Affecting Home Values


What is this view worth?

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Should you sell your home “Fast” with Offerpad.com, OpenDoor.com, or AZBestOffer.com?

We’ve been seeing a large increase of active listings by OpenDoor.com in Maricopa and the Southeast Valley. More homeowners are selling their homes to OpenDoor for a fast sale as opposed to putting it on the market with a REALTOR.  For those of you who are not familiar, Open Door advertises that they can sell your home fast and send you an offer for your home within 24 hours.

Here’s my take: OpenDoor.com is a creative way for an Investor(s) to buy your home below its market value and resell it for top dollar after they complete repairs and updates (i.e., new carpeting, fresh paint, etc). The benefits are you will sell your home fast,  likely close within a week, and not have any of the inconveniences that go with selling a home (staging, showings, repairs, waiting to receive an acceptable offer, etc.). For some Homeowners, this may be an ideal option; it all depends on their particular circumstances and why they need to sell their home quickly.

My advice to someone who is considering selling their home quickly to  OpenDoor.com  OfferPad.com, etc. would be to also contact two REALTORS and obtain a market analysis for what your home is really worth on the open market.

When one of our clients need to sell a home quickly, there are several strategies that can be used to find a buyer fast.  Depending on the home and owner’s situation, going with a REALTOR will likely give you a higher profit.

By taking the time to interview a couple of REALTORS, this will provide you with the education on the home selling process, your home’s estimated value, and assist you in making the best decision that suits your specific needs.


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11 Reasons Why Your Home Isn’t Selling

When you first put your house on the market, you might be hopeful for a quick sale—especially if you’ve put a lot of money into improving the house over the years and if the neighborhood is one that has historically attracted a lot of buyers. While you shouldn’t panic if the house doesn’t sell the moment you list it, you should begin to worry if the months start flying by without any real offers. If this is the case, here are 11 reasons why your house may not be selling


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